Sunday, January 29, 2012


A church home is an important thing.

Moving to the Pacific Northwest sent us on a mission to find a new church home. Seems like a pretty straight forward thing right? Well not so much. We have been to several in our area and we are still looking. It is incredibly hard to find a church home when every one that we walk into is compared to New Life Assembly in Lewistown Montana. The kids (and all of us) are really missing our family in Montana. We love you guys!

One of the biggest struggles is finding a church in which Ethan can be in the sanctuary with us, and not be seen as huge distraction. He is three, and sitting still is not something that three year-olds do well. But he can't be left in a classroom because of his seizures. This has opened up my eyes to a whole group of people that are probably left out in most churches. Families that have special needs kids. Do we see them in church on Sundays? Or do they just find it easier to stay home? I know I have felt like staying home on more than one occasion. 

There are so many families in our communities that face the challenges of raising these extra special children. As the body of Christ are we reaching out to them? Going beyond our comfort zone and helping them? Isn't that what the love of God is really all about? If we don't have a place for them in our churches how are they ever going to hear about a Jesus? 

Just a thought...

Could this be a new direction and ministry that the Lord is leading us into? 


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