Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today marks 25 days without a tonic clonic seizure from Ethan! SO happy about this.
He is still dropping lots, but we are also making diet changes so I am expecting the drops to continue for awhile. Once he is adjusted to his new meds we are praying that the drop seizures will disappear. Will you pray with us?

Also today is February 2nd. Can you believe it?

Bob and I decided that we were going to do something fun for the kids that coordinates with Valentines Day. So I have been working hard on sewing felt envelopes for the kids. (Thanks Pinterest for the Idea) This is how they turned out:

We presented them to the kids yesterday. They were very excited! "What's in them?" they wanted to know. "Lots of love," we told them.  For the month of February as a family we will put love notes (and other surprises) in the envelopes. Then each morning we can check our own envelope for mail. Isabelle's eyes lit up. "You are going to write me a note?" She asked. "Yes and you can write notes as well."

The kids were so very excited that they hard time sleeping last night. Then this morning they rushed out to see what was waiting for them. It was so fun to see them reading their notes and also to see them get excited as others read the notes they left. 

When Isabelle and Isaiah returned home from school today the first thing they wanted to do was to write some more notes to put in the envelopes. :)

Thank you Lord for a loving family. Thank you for happy memories.

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  1. Yeah for 25 days of no TC's! :) That makes me thrilled. We are continuing to pray that the diet/med changes will lead you to complete seizure freedom - and soon! Love your felt envelopes - so cute!