Friday, January 6, 2012

He likes it!!!

Today was the first day of 3 without daddy. It is definitely going to be a challenge.

This was the first day that I took Ethan with me to drop the other kids off at school. As to be expected we had some staring, laughing, and pointing at Ethan's helmet. It is good that he is still oblivious to the whole thing. :) Isabelle however I think takes it a little harder. When we got home from school today I asked her how it made her feel to have Ethan with when we went to school. She said, "I was embarrassed." It was a good talking time to let her know that her feelings are important. She also  got a chance to ask a lot of questions. I tried to let here know how much here brother loves her and that he is not trying to embarrass her. :)

Isaiah had some good news today, he got a new math partner. He was paired with a kid the first day that he started school, and since then this child has been really mean. Today the teacher saw him being mean first hand and put Isaiah with a different group of kids. Isaiah was SO excited. He kept saying over and over again, "The kids in the new group were so nice, they even let me have a turn." He is also loving the library! Ahhhh! Just like his mom. He even made friends with the staff and is learning the system of putting books back on the shelves. He loves it!

As I posted earlier we are struggling to find things that Ethan will eat. Most of his meals consist of heavy whipping cream because this is the easiest way to get all of fat in that he needs. Lately we have not been able to get him to drink it. Well today I found a pizza meal from his dietitian that put the fat into the meal and there was no cream!! Wonderful. It took about 1 hour for me to measure and weigh all of the ingredients and then more time to cook it. So I was really praying that he would actually like it.

When he saw it come out of the oven he was SO excited. 

Then when he started eating it, he was laughing and smiling. He was saying "um good!" Dinner was no chore tonight! Praise the Lord! He liked it!

It's the small things that make me thankful.

Oh and another good thing about this day? I totally rocked at bowling on the wii. I won by one point. :) 
All in all it has been a great day! We did miss daddy but only two more days and he will be back.

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  1. Are you making the ketocal pizza? Ben loves that one! I think because it's so big. He also loves the macadamia nut pancakes from the charlie foundation website. Neither of those meals require cream. Ben doesn't like the cream either - we have to mix it in diet root beer. There's nothing like seeing your child actually enjoy a meal again...hang in there! You are not alone!