Monday, January 2, 2012

The End of the Season

I would like to keep our Christmas decorations up all year round. :) If Bob had his choice they would have been down yesterday. So we compromised and I got one more day. Yay!!! The sad part? Today we had to put everything away. Isaiah and Ethan helped me make a mess, oh I mean put the decorations away. It was really a lovely afternoon.

Today was also a good day in respects to seizure control. We didn't observe any hard drops from Ethan. We still have his helmet on while at the table or outside because if he does have a drop, his head is the first thing to hit the ground. He is not fond of the helmet anymore, especially since we have been letting him take it off.

He was joyful for the most part but I still think that the meds are making it hard for him to focus. We can tell him to do something over and over again, and he will not pay any attention. (ok I know that you parents are thinking...normal for his age) But even when we get him to look at us he will still repeat what he wants to do, and not even acknowledge what we said. Not sure what to think about that. We will keep trying. :)

All in all it was a wonderful day full of happy moments from all three kids. :) Thank you Lord for blessing us with a great day. :)

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