Sunday, January 1, 2012


This year we choose to BELIEVE. Putting away the things of the past and looking forward to what God has for the future. 2011 was a hard year. We spent a lot time in Hospitals with Ethan. This year we believing for a healing!

This morning at Canyon Creek Church the pastor spoke on believing. I thought to myself, "Do I believe?" After months and months of seizures it is honestly easier to just except that this is our new way of life. I must not do that. I know that God has his timing and I choose to believe that Ethan is going to be healed. 

Right before leaving for church this morning we thought that Ethan was going to have a grand mal seizure. He had several drops, and fell to the ground. After a few seconds he looked up at us and wasn't sure why he was laying on the ground. Kind of strange for all of us. Is this a new kind of seizure? or is this God healing him before he had the grand mal seizure? I choose to believe.

We have upped his dose of MCT oil to 8 grams with every meal. Because of this we are seeing very few drops. If we do see his head fall it is becoming more of a "small drop." We are so thankful that we are not seeing him crash into the floor 20 times a day anymore. 

This new year will bring many new things to our family, but most importantly it will bring an increase in Faith.

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