Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Challenging Meal Times

Today was a fun day! We did some organizing and tried to write down some ways to be more prepared with our meals in this house. It can be quite time consuming to make 3 meals for most of the family, and then 4 separate meals for Ethan. It generally takes a good 15 minutes just to weigh out all of the ingredients for his meals, (and those are the more simple ones.) Then we still have to cook them, and of course get him to eat them. Because his meals are what is making him better, he has to consume every bite to make the diet work. THIS CAN BE SO CHALLENGING! I would say from the time we start making his food to the time that he actually leaves the table can easily be 1 to 2 hours. Then we still have everyone else to feed. :) I have been looking up a lot of crock pot meals for our family that seems to be helping. With the food in the crock pot all day we eliminate the time in the kitchen. We have also been in constant contact with Ethan's dietitian to come up with more options that he will actually eat. Believe it or not I am finding it really hard to put the amount of fat into his meals that he needs and still make it taste good. 

Ethan started off the morning by having a gran mal seizure. :( It lasted about 3 mins. It had been 17 days since the last one. Through out the day we notice about 4 drops, and of course the myoclonic seizures that led up to the grand mal. He was very cranky yesterday. Bob and I both knew something was wrong before it happened. It is strange how Ethan will start acting funny as if to warn us before it happens. He slept for a couple of hours after the grand mal, and didn't finish his breakfast as he was in the middle of it when the seizure happened. 

Isaiah is quite the trooper, just steps up to the plate and helps out when Ethan is seizing. He went and got the emergency meds and stood by to help if he was needed. 

We are all learning a lot from each other everyday. I think that today we were reminded how special each one of our children are. They are all unique, and placed in our family by God so that we can love them. It is so much fun to watch them grow. 

Here is what happened tonight during family devotions:

Ethan translates "listening time" as "time to wrestle with Isaiah"

They are great bunch of kids, I am so thrilled that they are mine. :)

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