Saturday, January 14, 2012


We got snow today! The kids were so excited, and a little confused.

Some of the comments we heard were, "But it is not even cold outside" and "Are we going to have to shovel?" It was a very different kind of snow, (more like slush) but none the less it was snow. Isabelle was disappointed that there wasn't enough for a snow man, but the weather man says it is suppose to snow again tomorrow. She is hopeful. We all enjoyed a snowball fight! Even Ethan.

He had a blast. It was the first time, in a long time that he was outside with out a helmet.

Isabelle was showing no mercy! She was getting me with snow while I had the camera. 

It was definitely a fun time. 

Ethan has been having a few more drops since we have been in the house. I am wondering if increased activity has anything to do with increased seizures? It seems that any time he gets excited, or expends a lot of energy the seizures get worse. It may be an early to bed night. For now we will enjoy dinner and see how he does. 

Blessings to you all.


  1. Glad to see you enjoyed the "snow"!

    1. It looks like you guys got more snow than us! Maybe tomorrow we will get enough for a snowman. :)

  2. I'm a New England girl at yeah for snow!! :) And yeah for a no helmet day. Those are priceless.