Sunday, February 5, 2012

Four Weeks!!!!

Today marks 28 days without a Tonic Clonic seizure!! This is his longest stretch yet!!!

We attended his first Sunday school class today. He was so excited! This past week I found out that there is a special needs ministry at the church! So I contacted the teacher and she was SO nice. Ethan got to meet her and the other kids today. He was thrilled to be able to go into a classroom instead of sit in the sanctuary. The teachers were amazing! So loving and understanding of all of the kids in the room. I am so incredibly thankful to those who are faithful to the call that the Lord has place on their hearts. I don't know that these ladies will ever understand how much of a blessing they are to all of these kids and their families.

Tonight I am thankful for:
people who give of themselves to help others.
less drop seizures.
28 days without a Tonic Clonic seizure.
the prayers of family and friends.


  1. Yeah Ethan!!! We are celebrating with you and will continue to pray that the drops stop forever!

  2. Adding my prayers to yours! So happy for your 28 days of tonic-clonic freedom and continuing to pray for total freedom from all seizures!


  3. Such great news! I will continue to pray for complete healing and blessings on your family.