Thursday, February 9, 2012

Go where you are sent

Life has been difficult lately.

But we are still praising the one who is sending us.

He has a plan and we will be faithful to follow his voice.

I was reading a devotional online the other day called,

Theology at Midnight.

It was so very good!

The author is speaking here in reference to Paul and Silas:

"There was nothing easy about being accused of disturbing the peace, being publicly disgraced, derided, maligned and vilified. Nor was it pleasant to be beaten or thrown in prison alongside men who were truly criminals. Certainly having your legs in stocks not only meant you could hardly move, it also meant you would have great difficulty lying down. So what do you do in that situation?

It all depends on your theology. If you don't believe in the sovereignty of God, then you'll probably be bitter and angry and very discouraged. If you don't believe in a God who numbers the hairs on your head (Matthew 10:30), then you may think that something terrible has happened to you. But if you believe in the sovereignty of God, then you know that nothing can happen to you by accident. In that case, your reaction is likely to be quite different.
You pray and sing hymns at midnight.
We find the key to the phrase "Go where you are sent" in the word sent. It means that in every situation of life, Higher Hands are at work, leading you on from where you are at this moment to where you are supposed to be next. Many times those Higher Hands will seem to lead you in ways that make no sense, and you may not see any purpose in the things happening to you."

Ethan broke his streak of 28 days without a grand mal seizure. He had one on the morning of the 29th day. It makes us happy and sad at the same time. We are so excited that he made it 28 days, and at the same time we are sad that he didn't make it longer. We are discovering that this thing called, "Doose Syndrome" that has over taken our lives is not bigger than our God.

Will God choose to heal Ethan? Well we are praying and believing so. But what if he doesn't? I don't want to miss the miracles that he is doing in our lives right now simply because I am waiting for the miracle that I want to happen.

Psalm 23:1 "The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want."

I believe that he is leading us, I believe that he is my shepherd, and I believe that I have enough.

Thank you Lord for showing us your grace and your mercy. Thank you for your provision in our lives. Thank you for friends and family who love and pray for us daily. Thank you for the wise counsel of those you have put in authority over us. Thank you for loving us so much!


  1. I'm so sorry. The roller coaster ride is nauseating at times. We will continue to pray for healing, wisdom and peace to cover all of you. I recently discovered this song. And it's brought such peace and hope to my heart.

    Waiting Here for You

    If faith can move the mountains
    Let the mountains move
    We come with expectation
    Waiting here for you, I’m waiting here for you

    You’re the Lord of all creation
    And still you know my heart
    The Author of Salvation
    You’ve loved us from the start

    Waiting here for You
    With our hands lifted high in praise
    And it's You we adore
    Singing Alleluia

    You are everything You’ve promised
    Your faithfulness is true
    And we're desperate for Your presence
    All we need is You

    We are praying for you.

  2. Prayers continue for Ethan and all of you. ~Lynn

  3. I'm sorry. I am praying for Ethan. Psalm 33:20 "We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield."