Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Weaning...

We are on week two of the weaning process. The first week we took Ethan down one pill (Keppra) and saw little to no change in his seizures or behavior. This week we decreased another pill and saw a definite increase in seizures the first day. Today, no seizures so far.... Not sure if there hasn't been any or if we just haven't seen them. Either way I am so happy!! After the last year of countless seizures I know very well that they could come back at any moment. But I am enjoying this moment! When ever we change the slightest thing with his medication or the diet we see an increase in seizures, so I am assuming we will see them return when we take another pill away next week. However if we can push through this wean, then we only have one medication left to wean!!! I am so excited to see if the diet can work on it's own. I mean work better than the diet and medication together. As I do more research, and talk to more parents of doose kids, I am finding that there is a large number of kids that do much better off of the medication. The diet could make the seizures go away 100%. The only way to find out is to wean the meds. We are all quite tired of these nasty seizures.

Thank you all so much for your prayers!

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